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"I needed a way of tracking projects effectively at work but didn't have time to spend hours learning new software. OpenProj is great, especially as it's free but the lack of a user manual or guide was a big problem. Your guide got me up and running really quickly and now everyone at work complements me on my project management skills. Best fifteen bucks I ever spent!"

S Dearman, San Diego, USA

"I downloaded your tutorial a few weeks ago so I could learn how to use OpenProj to help me plan my monthly activities. It's the only manual I've found so far that explains how to do things in a way that's easy to understand for complete beginners. It certainly impressed the boss - I've just been promoted to team leader!"

A Dawson, Brisbane, Australia

"It's essential that my projects do not run late so I always knew I needed some specialist software such as Microsoft Project or OpenProj but I could never get to grips with the interface. After searching endless internet forums for help I finally found your guide and it helped a lot. I use OpenProj on a daily basis now and I'm far less stressed about projects missing deadlines....I even sleep better because I know everybody in the team knows what is expected of them and by when."

C Richardson, York, UK

"We had a problem with managing tasks successfully on our project teams as we could never afford Microsoft Project. We tried using Word or Excel but just couldn't get it to work well enough. I'd used OpenProj before but never understood how to track projects properly on it until I got this PDF Manual. It has transformed our department from disorganised chaos into organised chaos! Thank you!"

N Schroeder, Cologne, Germany

"I was trying to figure out ways in which my project teams could work smarter and after speaking to them, it was apparent that the biggest time waster was always having to create project plans from scratch. Not really knowing how to do this in OpenProj, I looked through your guide and there was some great information about how I could achieve this, I passed this on and they now think I am brilliant because I am saving them loads of time!"

K Liander, New Jersey, USA

  • 40 page guide to OpenProj v1.4 written in plain English with illustrations, screenshots and hot tips to help you master the key functions in just a few hours.
  • Instant PDF download direct to your PC.
  • Concise and structured layout helps you easily find the steps you need to create your projects the RIGHT way.
  • Perfect for first time users or beginners wanting to expand their knowledge of OpenProj.